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A group of students from the Environmental Club at Royal College visited the Upper Manyame Sub-Catchment Council (UMSCC) to learn about water resources management.

The students were welcomed by Mrs. Constance Matsaira, the Water Resources and Compliance Manager at the UMSCC. She gave the students an overview of the council’s functions, which include:

·        Planning and managing the use of water resources in the Upper Manyame River Basin

·        Protecting the water quality in the river basin

·        Promoting sustainable water use practices

The students were particularly interested in learning about the council’s work to protect the water quality in the Upper Manyame River Basin. They learned about the different pollutants that can affect water quality and about the council’s efforts to reduce these pollutants.

The students also learned about the importance of sustainable water use practices. They learned about ways to conserve water and to use water more efficiently.

The school head, Tapiwa Mubaiwa spoke on how grateful the students were for the opportunity to learn about water resources management from the UMSCC.

“Thank you very much Mrs. Matsaira for taking your time to educate us on water resource management,” he said.

“We have been inspired to take action in protecting our water resources.”

The UMSCC was pleased to host the students from the Environmental Club at Royal College. The council is committed to educating the public about water resources management, and it believes that these young people are the future leaders in this field.

The visit was a success, and the students learned a lot about the importance of water resources management. They are now more aware of the challenges facing our water resources and are committed to doing their part to protect them.

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