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The Upper Manyame Sub-Catchment Council (UMSCC) has completed a series of dam maintenance projects in its jurisdiction. The projects, which were carried out in partnership with local farmers, were aimed at ensuring water security through dam safety.

A total of six dams were repaired and maintained as part of the project.

These dams are:

·Utopia Dam (Msitwe Micro-Catchment)

·Sandringham Dam (Gwebi Micro-Catchment)

·Greensykes Dam (Ruwa Micro-Catchment)

·Mzurisana Dam (Ruwa Micro-Catchment)

·Prisons Dam (Manyame Upstream)

·Mafuro Dam (Manyame Upstream)

The dams are used for a variety of purposes, including agriculture, water supply, and recreation.

The maintenance work included repairing damaged walls, clearing vegetation, and improving drainage.

The UMSCC says the project was a success and has helped to improve the safety and water security of the dams.

The council is committed to continuing to work with farmers to maintain the dams and ensure they are available for future generations.

Benefits of Dam Maintenance

There are many benefits to dam maintenance, including:

·Increased safety: Dams that are properly maintained are less likely to fail, which can prevent loss of life and property.

·Improved water quality: Dam maintenance can help to improve the quality of water in the dam, which can make it safer for drinking, irrigation, and recreation.

·Increased water supply: Dam maintenance can help to increase the amount of water available from the dam, which can be beneficial for both humans and wildlife.

·Enhanced ecosystem: Dam maintenance can help to improve the health of the ecosystem around the dam, which can benefit fish, plants, and other wildlife.

Dams are an important part of our infrastructure and play a vital role in our water supply, agriculture, and economy.

Dam maintenance is essential to ensure that dams continue to function safely and effectively for many years to come.