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Upper Manyame Sub-Catchment Council

is a statutory water management body in Zimbabwe established by an Act of Parliament; Water Act of 1998 (Chapter 20:24) under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate. It is the lowest water planning & management unit upstream of the Manyame River that eventually flows into Zambezi River. The UMSCC manages water in the Upper Manyame Sub-Catchment, a river basin delineated on the basis of hydrological boundaries and pragmatism.

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Is Upper Manyame Sub-catchment Council ZINWA or City of Harare Council?

No, Upper Manyame sub-catchment Council is a product of the Water Act of 1998 ,(CHAPTER 20:24) enacted by the Parliament of Zimbabwe for water use monitoring and planning.

Which areas are under Upper Manyame Sub-catchment?

It covers all Harare’s suburbs excluding (Hatcliffe, Chisipite, Chishawasha, Glenlorne, Borrowdale Brooke, and part of Mandara.) Chitungwiza, Seke, Norton, part of Chihota , Nyabira, Epworth, , Ruwa, Grasslands, Gwebi, Darwendale

What are the roles of the Sub-catchment council?

Processing and recommending water use applications to the Catchment Council Resolving water related conflicts Monitoring water use Promote catchment protection through monitoring and controlling all catchment degrading activities Carrying out research work and data collection with regard to water resources Education and awareness on water use